About us

The Digital Nomads Association Portugal was created on August 12, 2022 with the aim of structuring and promoting Portugal for digital nomads, through the creation of hubs, events, communities and the promotion of destinations with ideal conditions for remote work. We will work with the Portuguese government, municipalities and partners to create these hubs across the country in order to promote our country as a whole to attract digital nomads from around the world. Our entire board is made up of experts in areas such as finance, law, digital nomadism, remote work and sustainability.

Our vision

Digital nomadism and remote work are the tools that will enable all smaller cities, towns and villages to attract high-wage resident population that can work from anywhere. Around 30% of the Portuguese and European population can now work remotely. The number is still increasing with more companies embracing this working model. With access to remote work, individuals and families are now free to live wherever they want and are actively looking for the best places in Portugal to live, work and have a good quality of life. The locations that best prepare and promote their destination for this audience will attract both remote workers and digital nomads, creating a more dynamic economy, bringing more money to the economy and social mobility.

Our Mission

Portugal is one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads, but today the immense economic and social impact is in the big cities, Lisbon and Porto. But with remote work we have the unique opportunity to create hubs of digital nomads across the country, repopulating and decentralizing the impact. In Ponta do Sol, a village of 8 thousand inhabitants in Madeira, we managed to attract more than 6 thousand nomads in the first year with an estimated impact of 30 million euros.

DNA Portugal Statutes